Fri. Aug 12th, 2022

To fully cut the unproductive class away from the levers of control, the productive class must use bitcoin to secure the layers outside of money.

The below is a direct excerpt of Marty’s Bent

By converting previously wasted resources to censorship resistant hard money, energy producers can begin to bolster their balance sheets in a worst case scenario — buy relatively expensive ASICs during at the peak before a bear market — and supercharge them or, in a best case scenario — buy relatively cheap ASICs at the bottom before a bull market. Increasing the efficiency of your assets is always a good thing, but it’s a great thing when that efficiency (in this case, utilizing previously underutilized assets) brings increased profits. This is step one.

Step two kicks in when energy producers realize the power of the Bitcoin network and begin to demand that they get paid in sats for selling their precious energy resources to the market. When this happens, the script will be completely flipped on the unproductive class. With the insanity of ESG mandates increasing as time goes on, the likelihood of this script flipping increases.

It is not hard to see an attack on energy producers from the unproductive class pushing insane ESG mandates on the markets where they begin to try to freeze the bank accounts of producers who decide not to play along with the madness. If and when this point is reached, it will probably instill a ton of fear in these energy producers, but they should not fear. They have leverage on their side because they produce energy, which is vital for human flourishing. As we’re discovering rather quickly, when energy supply chains break down, it has dire consequences. When push comes to shove, the smart humans will begin to ignore the unproductive class and attempt to acquire the energy they need in any way possible. Luckily for those smart individuals Bitcoin exists and it is there to offer them a censorship resistant network through which they can settle energy trades. Sats for power will become the norm.

It would be nice if it didn’t reach this point, and the best way to prevent it from getting to that point is for energy producers to frontrun the censorship by beginning to settle their trades in sats instead of cuck bucks. The question that remains is: How quickly is the productive class going to take initiative and preemptively remove the unproductive leeches from the equation?